Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14 - International Lift a 40 to your Homies Day

Unless you’ve led far greater than a semi-charmed kind of life, you have lost someone close to you. We all have. Let us take this day to remember them. Not in some macabre ritual or cloaked in sadness, but celebrating what made them special.

We all have a crazy story of an Uncle Bob, or some awful concoction a friend would cook for dinner parties (like how Gareth would make Duck a la banana). Take today and tell those stories. Talk to an old friend about a mutual buddy. Laugh about that time you got thrown out of Wal-Mart, or what happened that one time, at band camp.

If you have a parent who’s lost a spouse, call them up and reminisce. They’ll enjoy the phone call, and the memory.

And if you have led that life untouched by loss, I can think of at least one person who died on this day. If all else fails, talk about him.


Fitèna said...

My best friend lost his mother and brother three months apart last year. I called his mother auty and his brother was a friend. I remember them always and still have trouble realising that they're gone so abrupt was teir passing away.
Thank you for the Day! Makes you all the more grateful to have the people you have in your life!


ChickyBabe said...

I had a special uncle who has passed away now. He lived an interesting life. I dedicate this day to him.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I shall celebrate my dead homie Tania...who was a good roomie, and a great pal, and died far before her time.

Egan said...

Where does one buy a forty these days?

Hyperion said...

Fitena - talk to your best friend about those dear people. You'll be glad and blessed for it.

ChickyBabe - Any uncle of yours has to be a character. I wanna hear some stories!

Schrodinger - I give Tania that Sammy Sosa thing: two fingers to lips to heart to lips to heart to sky. I don't know what you call it.

Egan - any self-respecting liquor store will have one, at least ones that cater to African Americans. Never been in a white liquor store, but they must have them too.

lost goddess said...

I tip my foooorty to your memory-y I take a drink and I start think and I,- I know how soon we'll be, will be haaangin out

Fitèna said...

You're right hYPE! i DID JUST THAT!