Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April 5 - International Quelque Chose Day

Quelque chose is a wonderful catchall word in French meaning something. You pronounce the word like "kell-kuh-shoze". This Thurday make it a mission today to go out of your way and perform quelque chose out of the ordinary for human good.

This could be as simple as helping someone cross a street. Maybe you could tutor a child today or donate some of your time at a local non-profit or charity organization. They are so many ways you can help out that don't involve money. Picking up trash along a shoreline or in a park are other fine examples.

Perhaps you already do quelque chose great for society everyday such as teach, work in hospitals, or maintain city parks. Take a moment for yourself to realize what a great contribution you provide. Then get yourself quelque chose to pay tribute to this day. Act as if it's your birthday! Buy a waffle cone with your ice cream, I'm sure you deserve it. And consider yourself lucky because now you've learned at least one French word which you can pass on to others. Be good to yourself and others or quelque chose like that!


Anonymous said...

J'ai fait quelque chose for mankind today. I made someone feel good about themselves and I'm rewarding myself with the smile on their face. And a chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Waffle Cones - Oui! Mais Oui!

Anonymous said...

The smell of waffle cones being made is one of the best smells ever. I miss my Baskin Robbins days.