Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22 - International Those Wacky Nazis Day

Because Schindler's List didn't accurately capture the fun zaniness that was Nazi Germany, today is to celebrate the lesser knowns of the Nazi party - those wacky Nazis! Prime example is Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes! The Soup Nazi! Waltz up and down the Lebestrasse singing 'Springtime for Hitler'...

Colonel Klink: Schultz, into the cooler they go. Throw away the key.
Carter: Don't we get a trial or anything?
Colonel Klink: This is Germany. Although I do appreciate your sense of humor.

Don't be stupid, be a smartie, come and join the Nazi Party! New and improved! Everyone welcome. Oy!


Hyperion said...

On the one hand, no one ever ones to mitigate the horror of the Holocaust. On the other..."those wacky Nazis" can never, ever be unfunny.

I think the best way to breach both worlds is to honor the Nazis by making fun of them. That seems right to me.

Tracy Lynn said...

Springtime For Hitler, anyone? Anyone?

kapgar said...

Me? I kinda liked To Be Or Not To Be with Mel Brooks.