Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 4 - International Take A Penny, Leave A Penny Day

In North America there are probably ten million stores with these little courtesy trays, and if each has a dime's worth of pennies in them, that's a million dollars in free money set out for our convenience every day. And everyone has had their purchases rung up to the tune of $12.95, or $5.46 and dipped into the tray rather than get all that dumb change to haul around, right?

Today we balance that karmic debt in one bold stroke. Take a moment to round up all the household stray pennies you never find cost-effective to collect (between seat cushions on couches and chairs are best, also they seem to like to congregate around the washer and dryer). And in every store you enter today, look for the tray and drop a few pennies back into public circulation. You may jinlge all morning, but your shakras will thank you for it.


Hyperion said...


I just saw "ALMOST FAMOUS," which gives this day a whole new meaning to me.

Way to go 'Jax!

lost goddess said...

Great day!!! If I get less than 3 quater's back I leave it all in these trays.