Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15 - International Do A Favor Day

Today, if someone asks you for a favor, Say yes.

Don't whine about the inconvenience, or make noises about what a big deal it is. Just say yes, and then do it, with as little fuss and fanfare as possible.

If you are thanked, say You're welcome. If you aren't, let it go in the knowledge that a good deed benefits the doer most of all.


Hyperion said...

I didn't know you knew how to do nice things for people.

And I really didn't know you knew how to do it without complaining.

Good show!

PS I'm totally going to hit you up for favors on this day, like Marlon Brando at a wedding.

Tracy Lynn said...

I'm nice, I'm just not usually nice to YOU.

lost goddess said...

I could quote a wonderful Quentin Tarantino movie here, but Hyperion the oppressor would definitely remove it and maybe even banned from ever partaking in Int. Day. He would say how I exploited it and cheapened the project as a whole.

Although, I would be grateful,and it would be much appreciated. I will say thank you ... if your good enough.

Fitèna said...

This is not fair! Am trying to learn to say NO!!!
Ok, yes for taday! But only today!


Chelle said...

Oh good! It's Saturday my "ask Michelle to do something" drops dramatically outside the office.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Reminds me of the great film Pay It Forward.

lost goddess said...

Ah, fuck it! It's a year later and I think it needs to be said....

"Richey would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me...please?"