Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18 - International Respect The Dog day

A Dog is not a clown.

Next time you go to a Dog show, have a serious word with those who dress their dogs like this (see pictures, sad right?)
And this is from me who don’t even like Dogs. But tell me, how would you feel if you were “ridiculisé” like this, huh?


Hyperion said...

I would never dress up a doggie.

Do you know why?

(wait for it....)

Because I respect the doggie's style.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I kind of like the picture of "Fluffy"!

Chelle said...

the reindeer pic is priceless. Poor, poor dog. Funny, hysterical even, but sad.

Rosco said...

I gotta the kid at the top was creative. C'mon Cerberus? thats a guaranteed contest winner.

Fitèna said...

Hyperion, What's a doggie style? Dunno, but it's good enough for me that you'd never dress one!

Lady Jane Scarlett, wait till you see the superman dog! I'll try and squeeze it i here later!

mariemm3, I know what you mean! I felt that way to; like crying and laughing at the same time! The horrible horrible dog dressing people!

Rosco, the Harry Potter kid, right! Had a good look at the dog tough? buddy, he's looking traumatized!