Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20 - International Get-Over-Yourself Day

This day is special. This is the day that you get to walk up to that person -- you know, the one whose world revolves totally around him or her, who sees the people around him or her as luck-EEEEE because they have the good fortune to be in the presence of greatness, that person whose whole narcissistic attitude causes most folks to throw up a little in their mouths -- yeah, them -- and say: "Oh for Pete's sake, get over yourself!"

You know the type. They dominate every conversation because, quite frankly, they are more beautiful/important/successful than you, the average bloke. They think you look to them for every square ounce of fashion sense, every opinion, every bit of advice, because they. Just. Are. Yeppers. Just because they exist.

This type of person only cares about how they look. You know the people who buff, polish, and shine their cars, vacuum them within an inch of their automotive little lives, and Armor-All everything? Yet they never check under the hood? That's who I'm talking about. My person, whom I work with, is like that. Bonded teeth, colored/highlighted/lowlighted, $5000 breasts, cute outfits. She's never finished an antibiotic, always choosing to stop before the prescription ended because "I feel better." She doesn't read because "I'll never be bored enough to read." She sees family members who chose to pursue their education past high school as "nerds."

She's a Leo. Obviously. Many of these people are. I said many. I did not say all. I'm not all that interested in astrology, but reading one description of a Leo is amazingly accurate:

The dark side of Leo creeps out usually when they are, or think that they are, being ignored. Sulking results when they are not the absolute centre of attention. Leo will drum up some scene both good and bad to get attention, any attention! Leos can be very self opinionated, bombastic, and overbearing. One of Leos most noted traits is too much pride, leading to pomposity and snobbery. The other noted negative trait is being far to touchy, touchy about everything. When Leos pride and feelings are hurt the temperature drops, they become very touchy and retire to their throne.

Proud, jealous (sibling rivalry starts here), vain, bullying, pompous, snobbish, intolerant, dogmatic, stubborn, patronizing, egotistical, conceited.*

So if the person you wish to tell off today is not a Leo, they should be. Tell them anyway. Tell them to get over themselves. Tell them the world does NOT revolve around them. It'll be fun. Even if it is like teaching a pig to sing.**
You'll feel better.

*This description was found somewhere on the internet and I forgot to link to the source. If you are the source, thank you.
Teaching a pig to sing never works and it only annoys the pig.


Anonymous said...

WN - Leos are not all bad. I happen to have a 9 yr old godson who is not like what you describe. He's actually the epitomy of selflessness - a leo good quality. All people have their faults and they are not all leos.

I signing this anonymous because I love your writing and would rather concentrate and put my name to more positive thoughts.

Anonymous said...

No problem, anonymous...I'm married to the most un-Leo Leo ever. I didn't mean for it to be a generalization.

Donica Covey said...

Those are SOO great! I've got to copy some of them to keep on hand.

Have a great day,
Donica Covey

rennratt said...

Uh, thanks Wordnerd.

I'm a Leo.

Sea Hag said...

I'm a Leo too, and my boobs cost far more than $5000.