Wednesday, July 06, 2011

July 6 - International Razor Burn Day

So that your legs don't catch fire when the bottle rockets skitter across the front yard, and so that your chin doesn't go up in a burst of smoke when you lean in too close to the bar-e-cue when you check to see if the briquettes are going good enough to throw the side of ox on the flames, and so that the kids don't go "ew" when you reach out to spike that volleyball into your nosey neighbor's face at the annual block party/team competition fest tomorrow, go get yourself a shave with a dull razor and celebrate International Razor Burn Day!

Feels GOOD to rub SPF40 into raw skin, right?

Feels GOOD to itch in unmentionable places, right?

Feels GOOD to have stubble bumps on the hottest fricking day of the year, RIGHT?

Join up, and celebrate good times. Come on.


Hyperion said...

I celebrated this a day early. I shaved my head yesterday, and something must have been wrong with my clippers. (I've never oiled them, as I'm scared. Maybe that was it?)

The clippers gave a great angry "buzz" when I turned them on, a buzz that never went away. It didn't feel all that much different shaving my head, but the next day all over I was rubbed raw with little red bumps. Is this what women have to go through?

Argh! Poor bitches (and I say that with love)

Tracy Lynn said...

I can't even comment on this without itching.

kapgar said...

Thankfully I didn't shave on this day. Phew!