Tuesday, July 02, 2013

July 2 - International Blogocile Day

This, simply put, is the one day when you can let the world know just how little you know about blogging. Like, say, certain bloggers (huh? who? me?) who can take the simple exercise of creating an International Day and turning it into stinkin' rocket science? Like a blogger that cannot seem to follow a link to this site. Or a blogger that finds it suddenly difficult to understand the e-mails that, while simply stated and quite easy for most to read, become a senseless jumble of words. Like a blogger that tries to sign in to a blog that said blogger was very flattered to have been invited to join, only to spend most of the time annoying those very folks that issued the inept blogger the invite.

And, in other cases, like the blogger that has a hard time figuring out things such as code, links, and RSS feeds.


I am a blogging imbecile. A blogocile, if you will. And I am an insult to the blogging community. Hug me.


Tracy Lynn said...

We love you anyway. Now move to the back of the short bus.

kapgar said...

What's an RSS Feed?

I kid! I kid!

tiff said...