Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1 - International Rabbit Ears Day

International Rabbit Ears Day

On this day, September 1. A.D. 909, William of Tecolia made the first recorded Rabbit Ears. He and a band of Black Irish Gypsies were exploring a cave in what is today called Southern France, when they heard a small army advancing into the cave and towards William and his mates.

Will got the great idea to have everyone give themselves Rabbit Ears, which made their Cave Shadows look evil and scary, thus driving off the army.

(That's one big rabbit)

Sadly, when William and the others got to looking at each other and how silly they were, they laughed so hard they caused a cave-in and all perished.

Today we (thankfully) don't remember the cave-in, but we do remember the Rabbit Ears. One of the "Once Funny Always Funny" jokes, Rabbit Ears are universal, and always welcome, be it around the campfire or Uncle Miltie's funeral.

In honor of William and the boys, give someone the Rabbit Ears today. It's funny, they deserve it, and who knows? They might even die.**

(**Note: Hyperion does not desire the death of hot girls.)

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kapgar said...

(**Note: Hyperion does not desire the death of hot girls.)

Unless, of course, they reject his advances. ;-)