Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14 - International Be what You want to Be Day

On September 14, 1973, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones was born. You may know him as Nigga Against Society. A.K.A. NAS. In 1994 his released his first album Illmatic, widely considered by most as "one of the best hip-hop albums of all time."

December 13, 2002 NAS releases his sixth album " God's Son " . This album contains one of the best track ever layed, "I can". This track is dedicated to "young people" and features an interpolation of Beethoven's Für Elise. This classic tune in combination with empowering lyrics such as

If the truth is told, the youth can grow
They learn to survive until they gain control
Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes
Read more learn more, change the globe


Young boys, you can use a lot of help, you know
You thinkin life's all about smokin weed and ice
You don't wanna be my age and can't read and write
Begging different women for a place to sleep at night
Smart boys turn to men and do whatever they wish
If you believe you can achieve, then say it like this

I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard it)
I'll be where I wanna be (I'll be where I wanna be)

Is what brings us to International Be what You want to Be Day. To celebrate this day I want you to tie a sheet around your neck and fly like Superman or Karaoke your heart out to any shameful tune out there . Today I think I will be President ~ Lost Goddess


Chelle said...

Run Goddess - I'll vote for you.

lost goddess said...

Thanks, now to get those "political party donations".