Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16 - International So's Yer Mama Day

On this day, Sept. 16th, 2517 BC, Good King Oedipus had had enough. The throne room was a mess, the harem called in sick, and the wife was being contentious. Frustrated beyond description, he turned to the Oracle of Thebes for advice.

"'Sup, Eddie?" the Oracle queried.

"My palace is a mess," said Oedipus, "the harem called in sick, and my wife is an absolute bitch."

"So's yer mama," replied the Oracle.

Puzzled, yet intriqued by the Oracle's response, Oedipus could do little but repeat the phrase for the rest of the day, answering every question or remark, even those of his beloved wife and mother with, "So's yer mama." Over time, it became the default response to every utterance in the kingdom and around the world.

Give it a try. Answer "So's yer mama" to every statement or question tossed your way today and just see if it doesn't make the day go faster.

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Chelle said...

Thank God this is on Saturday. I don't think I could get away with it during the week.