Friday, September 03, 2010

September 3 - International Lick Your Elbow Day

On this day September 3, 2004, Robin and his band of friends were hanging out in the plaza of the town square. John and Guy, whom most called Gizzie because of his extreme turkey like neck, were overheard telling some girls there was nothing that they could not do.

Overhearing the conversation, Robin bet John and Gizzie they would not be able to lick their elbows.

Some people have said that John and Gizzie have been seen every now and then trying to lick their elbows in hopes to finally win the bet.


lost goddess said...

Shit I am mearly cm away from licking my elbow I'll keep you guys informed. ;)

tiff said...

Because of a freak accident that completely tore out my rotator cuff, I am able to lick not only my elbow, but your Dad's elbow too!

lost goddess said...

after several attempts to do this I have come to the conclusion it is now a skill I have but I did learn a new trick ;)