Tuesday, September 07, 2010

September 7 - International "Whatever" Day

On September 7, 1779, Candace Smythe offically gave up hope. She refused to believe that, one day, things would pan out.

Life actually got better from there.

In honor of her memory, throw the alarm across the room, pull the covers tight, and just go back to sleep.

The fight just isn't worth it sometimes.


Rick said...

I was already out of bed, dammit. Marking the calendar for next year.

tiff said...

You had to tell me NOW, after I got up at freaking 4 a.m. to freaking WORK.

kapgar said...

Yeah, I agree. A little advance notice would be nice! Alas, I'm spending International Whatever Day at work. Booooooo!!!!

Chelle said...

Me yesterday. Oh and today. Good I honored it.