Friday, May 06, 2011

May 6 - International Wear Your Slippers to Work Day

In a stunning display of insight, Marcia Van Stottlemeyer, an owner of small boutique shops all over the world, asked her employees to wear their slippers to work on this day in 1986.

After coming home from work one day, Mrs. Stottlemeyer placed her achy and tired feet into her slippers. She wanted her feet to always feel like they did when inside her slippers. She also reflected her employees, at the end of their days, were always rubbing the backs of their feet.

Mrs. Stottlemeyer wanted one day of the year when her feet and her employee's feet could be perfectly happy. She declared, the next day at work, her employees should wear their slippers to work on May 6.

The word spread from boutique to boutique and hence today is International Wear Your Slippers to Work day!


Dragon said...

I have been know to walk around in bare feet and socks at work. Slippers sounds much more civilized!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I forgot to bring them today! Yarg! That's OK, I'll be wearing them while I drive to see my honey tommorow!

Sparky Duck said...

and who doesn't look fashionably stunning in Eeyore slippers?

Hyperion said...

My feet are so big that if I wore fuzzy slippers to work someone would call Animal Control.