Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12 - International "Kiss the Cook" Day

Cooks are unsung heroes in our world. They deserve some recognition. Welcome to International "Kiss the Cook" Day.

When you're eating your bagel or muffin for your breakfast, do you take the time to think of the person who made it for you? People get up at ungodly hours just make you your breakfast treats.
When you go to a local deli for lunch, do you ever think about the cook in the back room, lovingly preparing your soup and sandwich? The one making sure your soup & sandwich is just the way you like it; extra crackers, light mayo, thinly sliced tomatoes and pickle on the side.

So tonight whether you go home for a hot cooked meal or even if you go to a restaurant, show your appreciation. Show some love and kiss the cook!



Sparky Duck said...

How about since I cook most of the time, I get the kisses and not the Bagel chef at Marathon Grill?

Dragon said...

Great idea, Sparky! Here's one for you..... XXX

Enigma said...

I admire them..Including my mother..She is the greatest cook :)