Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15 - International Obscure Catchphrase Day

All day long your job is to end each statement you make with an obscure catchphrase.

I personally like

"In accordance with prophecy."

Here's how it might work.

Fred from accounting comes by and says, "Michelle, will you take that spreadsheet to Bob when you're through adding the Shulman data?"

and you answer (very solemnly), "Yes I will do accordance with prophecy."

Then it'd be even better if you nod absolutely seriously to Fred, and then turn and half nod/half bow to a picture of someone like this dude pinned up in your cubicle:

Of course you can pick a different slogan. You can try:

"By the Waters of Babylon..."

"As the Storm Clouds Gather...."

"Word is Knowledge, Knowledge is Power; Power is Word...."

or perhaps even

"Thy will be done."

The trick in all cases is to keep your voice steady and serious, and if someone asks you about it, don't even respond. Act like they didn't ask you about it, and respond with the same catchphrase. It will drive them absolutely nuts, and give you a big rush.

You can tell them tomorrow...or not.

Now, leave a comment as to what phrase you plan on or did use at work, and remember, if you pull this off you will be a god of jokesters at accordance with prophecy."


Dragon said...

I'm going to use "the Dragon has spoken".

Sparky Duck said...

everytime I move something I will declare it "by the hand of God/Goddess"

Biff Spiffy said...

i'm going with 'The voices spaketh thusly'

statler said...

"great Isis' thighs"