Saturday, October 01, 2011

October 1 - International Fall and Prostrate before the Hyperion Day

On this day in 2007, the Great Hyperion gaveth us a guide of what to watch on television. Not only does he overlord but he also makes great sacrifices (like watching "Heroes"). He does it for us, the little peoples. {sniffles}
So in honor of all of his hard work, great muscle tone, and killer baritone, I salute Hyperion on this great day.

And you shall also.

:) LJS


Hyperion said...

This is a fantastic day. We should have more like it. One question, though: who did you get to draw me, and how did they get the beard so accurate?

(One Complaint: my sword is longer, if you know what I mean)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Well, it seems girthy enough to do the job.

Hyperion said...

Maybe I should put that over on the Ka-Tet as my descriptor (the Girthy one)

BTW, ka-tet comes from you. Hope you're happy.

Oh, and it's not the length of the blade
or the sharpness of the steel,
but where you prick them
that makes them really feel
the fullness of your shaft
as you slide it in
their expression becomes glazed
as they succumb to your sin.....

Sea Hag said...

If I hadn't of started reading The Gunslinger books I'd have no idea what a ka-tet was. Yay for me!