Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15 - International Quality Festival Time

Mamma and Pappa Scarlett were big fans of spending quality family time with their progeny. We even had an acronym for it: QFT- Quality Family Time as sort of homage to “Raising Arizona” and our own quirkiness. In Ohio, there are lots of fall festivals, so we day tripped with only our imaginations and love to keep us company. Fall Foilage tour, Apple Festivals, PumpkinFest, Harvest Festival. Some of my favorite memories were of us going to fall festivals. I really enjoyed seeing leaves change their color and spending time with my mom, dad and sister (even if she DID encroach on my side of the car…often). I can never resist a yummy smelling cup of cider and hot donut.

In honor of the fall season, I hereby proclaim that QFT is the acronym for Quality Festival Time. Get out there and find yourself a 110 pound pumpkin!
:) LJS

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Hyperion said...

What a great first Festival!