Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13 - International Toasted (or Burnt) Marshmallow Festival

Nothing makes a great festival like having a bon fire. Nothing makes a great bon fire like toasting marshmallows skewered by wire coat hangers.

When most people think of toasted marshmallows, they associate them with s’mores. And s’mores ain’t bad. But this festival is dedicated solely to the marshmallow itself. You can leave your Hershey™ bars and graham crackers at home.

I can certainly appreciate those who like their marshmallow with the outside perfectly toasted to a medium shade of brown and with an inside that is warm and gooey. But if you are like me, I burn my marshmallows to the point of being carcinogenic. My process is to let one catch fire until there is a nice black coat all the way around before blowing out the flame. After letting it cool, I then slide the outer ring off and enjoy. This leaves a white center which can be set on fire and the process can be repeated. I was once able to get five burnt rings out of one marshmallow this way. It’s sticky, but it’s good!

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