Thursday, March 25, 2010



We humans like to think of ourselves as fighters. Not in the "Are you gonna throw down, or just stand there and bleed?" sense, but more in the, "My white 78 year old grandmother had to take off her shoes at the airport; could my civil liberties be any more infringed upon?" sense; we stand up against the rising tide.

Whether it be Whether it be Family Values or Public Indecency or rappers who would prefer we smooch their hind ends or rising gas prices or the Octo -Mom Lingerie Line or Britney's attempt to teach kids to spell or Climate Change or the Evil People who disagree with Climate Change or people from another planet who want to clean our bathrooms and build our homes or people who want to forbid postpartum abortion or people who don't wear a flag pin or take off their jackets or wear white after Labor Day or the people who kept Sanjaya on so long or the people who talk in the theatre or the assault of the King's English at the hands of the LoL Mafia.....whatever it is, we like to think we stand up and take action.

Maybe we don't always fight to win--after all, that's the kind of commitment that can run longer than a commercial break--but sometimes we fight the fights that need fighting!

We fight, whether our coat is brown or our jacket is straight, because that's what humans do, right?

(Can I get an Amen?)

But maybe we don't have to keep fighting. Maybe the battles are already over. Maybe the "fight" we see is like light from distant stars, long burnt out, but still writ upon the heavens in all its glory.

This sounds un-American....un-Humanican! But maybe it's just acceptance, and doing so would bring us peace.

So quit worrying about battles that are already over, and just chill out. Enjoy. Relax. Follow along with the rest.

Get out there and March!

Like Lambs to the slaughter.

(After all: it is the end of March.....Lambs are all around!)

(After all: you can't spell slaughter without laughter.)

(After all: anywhere there's a slaughter, there's bound to be a feast.)

Who's hungry!

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