Sunday, November 01, 2009

International Recognizing our Mistakes Day

International Recognizing our Mistakes Day

(created by Amelia)

Today is a huge day for all people.

At last a day to celebrate our mistakes, big or small, important or not. It is the faults that we have recognized that make us a better person today. Not only because, having seen them we do not repeat them, but also because learning from our own experiences gives us a Master's degree in forming a respectful character.

Even fatal Mistakes, that made your King fall on the chessboard, gave you the knowledge to make him stand victorious to the next.

So be grateful and celebrate all of your mistakes, not only just the ones you have recognized ;-)

So, on this International Recognizing Our Mistakes Day, you can gather with your very close friends and make a toast to everything that didn't turn out as you would like because of something you said or did...

Say it out loud, laugh over it, forgive yourself (because in the long run it probably helped)... and always remember it.

Like Esther Dyson once said, "Always make new mistakes...."

And do not forget to leave your comment saying how the party went ;-)

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