Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2 - International Swiggage Day

Swiggage (n) [ˈswih - gij] - A tasty refreshing non-alcoholic beverage of some kind.

"Swag" is traditional slang for "acquired loot," which eventually covered foodstuffs, especially Twinkies and other awesome confections. Adding the "age" was further slang, much in the way that "tuneage" represented available music and "boobage" for a particularly well-mammared young woman.

To "swig" is slang also, a verb meaning to drink, specifically the physical act of picking up a glass or bottle and pouring the liquid into one's mouth. Swiggage carries with it the hint that the liquid enters the mouth in a manly and heart way. (Close to but not quite "chugging.")

Combining all that we get SWIGGAGE, and so when we say it is International Swiggage Day, what we mean is - "Come get your (non-alcoholic) Drink on!"

Today, as you go about your tasks, remember that there is a Cola, Sweet Tea or Lemonade with your name on it.  Classics are great, but so are smaller regional drinks. Go nuts! Try your favorite, or try something brand new!

(Leave a comment about your favorite Swiggage and what you're going to try today.)

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