Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16: International Munchausen Day

Karl Freidrich von Munchausen was a real person who was famous for telling stories about his adventures and accomplishments, none of them completely true. Today is devoted to that great Munchausian pastime, the bald-faced lie.

I'm not talking about your basic, everyday, feeble white lie, no, sir.

I'm talking, huge, in your face, I can't believe the good Lord isn't striking you down right this minute, how can you say that with a straight face whopper of a lie made famous by Munchausen himself.

Today's task is to tell one HUGE lie, with a straight face if you have the technology. The important part is to show no shame. This is, after all, International Munchausen Day.


Fatma said...

I start laughing incontralably when I lie. Am genetically programmed to telling truths. Posting a lie would be easier!


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Terry Gilliam is a genius. Except with that movie. Everyone has their down days.

lost goddess said...

I am going to like this holiday.

ChickyBabe said...

A HUGE lie on Easter Sunday will give me a bad case of the guilts. I might leave it till the next day, when it's still the 16th in some parts of the world.

Hermester Barrington said...

Why was April 16th declared Munchausen's Day? He was born on May 11--I respectfully submit that this is the date on which we should celebrate his life, his adventures, and his fabulism.


Hermester Barrington

Hyperion said...

Hermester - These "holidays" were created back in '05, by a group of hand-picked people. I just asked them to use their imagination. At the time they had no way of knowing I would be doing further months. Anyway, the person who came up with this day is murderous at the best of times, so I am careful not to judge. Check out her home site at

Tracy Lynn said...


SHUT UP. The King Of Liars gets ANY DAY HE WANTS, and I specifically cleared this day with him, via ouija board.
You aren't calling me a liar, are you? Because I have spoons, you know, and I'm not afraid to use them.


Tracy Lynn

Hermester Barrington said...

Dear Tracy Lynn,

Please accept my apologies for any imagined slights I might have been perceived as having proffered--my intention was merely to point out a historical fact and to drag concensus reality closer to it. I ought to have known better--as Simon Bolivar once said, "He who attempts to govern reality plows the sea." Let us be thankful that the universe is so malleable and resilient, both at once.

Perhaps I ought to have suggested that we celebrate every day as if it were Munchausen's Day, as I do.

When next you speak with the good Baron, would you ask him if he and I really are related, as some of my relatives insist? I've never believed it myself, but they seem convinced.

I fear I have gone on too long, and my impossibly beautiful wife is waiting to drag me off to watch a wrestling match in Hyperborea, so I'll close here.