Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27 - International Unleash the Child in You Day

Remember when you were a child? Remember how grand it was to be a total bum and a total brat and still be called cute? Remember how you'd make everyone laugh out loud pooing on the floor? Remember when you were cleaned up, put to be and told a story to make you sleep though you've been a total devil/pirate/Ninja during the Day?

Life was so beautiful then! You now wonder why is it that things had to change.

I look at the number of comments scored on Hype's Ninja vs. Pirates Day and decide this is a very good idea. Let's Unleash the Child in us today.
I wouldn't expect you to do stuffs like looking up treasurers in your nose, drooling, talking in baby language, pulling aunty's hair or getting peanut butter all over your face. No, let's keep it sensible.
Your task is to reminisce and tell us a story which really marked you as a child - you wanna make up a story, you're welcome. You may also want to share a play you use to do when you were a kid etc... just keep it childrenly!
There's a french saying which says "heureux sont ceux qui grandissent en gardant leurs âmes d'enfant" (Blessed are those who grow up with their child-soul). Let's be blessed!


ChickyBabe said...

Playing doctors and nurses with a boy who was my neighbour, and younger than me. The patient was his even younger brother. (I know... I know...). He always insisted that I be the nurse when I wanted to play doctor. That says a lot about me, don't you think?

Fitèna said...

ChickyChéri, Et comment!!! Question: Qu'es-t-il advenue de ton "patient" et son frère après? :-)


ChickyBabe said...

The family moved overseas. The little brother became a prominent musician. I'd love to know what became of the "doctor". He was such a cute boy!

Fitèna said...

lol! One day he's there telling you you were his life's inspiration and that he's now a doctor!!! :-) Qui sais, peut être qu'il l'est!


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I have to try this 'looking up treasurers in your nose' Sounds like delicious fun!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

What a lovely day! Thanks Fitena, you inspired me to go play at the playground today!

Tracy Lynn said...

Schro, when you say 'delicious fun' in this context, you kinda gross me out.

Egan said...

I'm a little late to the game, but I will make sure to unleash my inner child. I will refrain from unleashing my passion because apparently that's not so cool. Good topic Fitena. Un gros merci!

Fitèna said...

Shro, you make me LOL!

LJS, how did it fel like!? Playing in the rain is best though!

T. Lynn, now, what did you do?

Egan, il n'ya pas de quoi! Et vaut mieux tard que jamais non?!


jacquelin said...

I remember the time I locked a girl in my toy box... and then piled everybook I owned on the lid to make sure she couldn't get out (I must've had over 100 books, she had no chance). Ahhhh, yes.... good times. :) (before anybody feels sorry for her--- she was a rotten girl, rotten I say!)