Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12 - International Reminisce your first joy Day

I remember the day I was told I'd go to school. I didn't go to pre-primary. All my cousins did. I stayed back at home. I had this thirst for knowledge and reading which burned inside. I loved books and I so wanted to discover the writings inside them. The day my father came and told you You'll be going to school next week was the happiest day of my life. My first joy.

The first joy. The one you have a remembrance of. The one which never faded and which's recall brings a smile to your face. The one which comes back to you unexpectedly when you're worried and makes you forget your worries for a while and then when you get back to them, the reasons behind your worry don't sound and feel so bad after all. That one! Remember it and tell us about it.


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

The beach! Forever a joy.

Hyperion said...

I definitely remember chapatties and mangos, two of my earliest food memories, with a feeling close to joy.

As for activity, I remember my dad giving me a ride on his motorcycle. I could not have been more than two or three (parents were crazy back then). I remember asking him for a ride and he said no, and then I said, "Daddy; Jesus doesn't like it when you're mean to little children."

I got that ride.

Tracy Lynn said...

My mom drove a school bus when I was little, and at one point in the ride there was a bump at the bottom of a steep hill. One day, the big kids in the back of the bus, high schoolers, let me ride with them, and the feeling of being airborne as we hit the bump was the best thing in the world.

lost goddess said...

The first Time I suited up for 3 ft of snow. I think it was like the winter of 88' there was like 2 ft of snow on the ground and I have just received these really cool snow boots that would change pictures when they got snow on them. then there was also my first snowball fight. Good times , Good times

Fitèna said...

*smiling*! Guys, sharing your joys fills me with joy!
Shro :-)
Hype did you really say that!?
Lynn I can relate!
LG, how I wish I could play in the snow! :-)


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

My yellow banana-shaped bicycle. :D

Tracy Lynn said...

LJS- DUDE! Yellow Banana Seats! HOORAY!