Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11 - International Big Hair Bands Day

I always liked big hair bands - great songs, sexy guys. But on the flip side - as a female, there is NOTHING worse than a dude who has better hair than you do. (And make up!)

But the whole look, whether it's the leather pants or slashed jeans, nothin' beats these guys flippin' their hair around on stage while singing their great hits. (Ahhhhhh, the days of yester-year!)


rennratt said...

I have a long list of Big Hair Band Favorites. I must say, however, that Def Leppard and Cinderella are the top two.

Don't you DARE say that Joe E and the boys don't belong, either. I have loved them since I was old enough to sneak out of the house and smoke.

In fact, I plan to be head banging along with them in a mere TWO WEEKS!

Hyperion said...

Of course DL belongs. Pour Some Sugar on Me is on the Mount Rushmore of '80s songs! Cinderella was before my time but I'm not hating there, either.

Now let's get let's get let's get Rocked!