Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30 - International Give an Unsolicited Compliment Day

One of the downsides of modern existence is that a person can drift for days without contact with other people more genuine or heartfelt than an 'excuse me' at the watercooler or nod over the urinal. We all too frequently coast through our time at work, and more distressingly, at home, without engaging any of our higher thought processes, let alone saying something meaningful or positive to affirm or encourage the people around us. Sometimes we simply assume they know what we think. Other times we fear sarcastic reaction. And occaisionally we procrastinate tell ourselves we'll let them know another day.

Well today's the day.

Today we come out of our shells. Today we abandon our comfort zones. Today we find the people we otherwise overlook. We take the time to see them as people, and address them empathetically as human beings.

Tell them how much you like their haircut. How their outfit goes with their shoes. How much you value their work. What a beautiful baby they have. How much you love them, and how you have every day for the last thirty years. Whatever. But DO IT TODAY.

Get busy people. Folks out there need to hear what you haven't told them, right now.

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