Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23 - International Run Like a Kid Day

September 23, 1631 B.C. - Atlantis before the sinking

The leaders in Atlantis were called to council in an emergency session. Their people were too caught up in the emotional struggles of being enlightened. Being the most advanced civilization and setting the standard for scholars to study for all time turned the people into dull drones.

Atlantians were no longer having fun. How were people to look up to the society and search for them if fun was washed out of existence?

To correct this crisis, the council gathered in an effort to bring fun back into the everyday lives of their people. As the leaders pondered the situation, one leader began to daydream of the day when he was small boy and how he loved to run, arms and legs flailing outward from the body while the wind rushed past his face.

The daydream prompted him to suggest running as a kid as a way to bring back a sense of fun to Atlantians. If they remembered what is was like to run as a kid then maybe they would remember other ways to enjoy life.

The initiative was passed and more followed.

So go run like kid- not a jogger, not a runner - a child.

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