Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 - International Get a Trucker To Honk Day

You loved doing it as a kid - sticking your arm out the window, pumping your fist up and down until you got that trucker to blaze away on his horn.

Chances are you'll be on the road this Saturday. Whether it's traveling to visit family, if you are lucky enough to get away for Memorial Day weekend, or, if you are like the rest of us, stuck in town, find your way to a freeway while you're out running your Saturday errands. Get your Tiger-Woods-I-just-made-that-putt-action going on each time you pass a trucker and give them a reason to blast that beeper. You know they love to do it!


Hyperion said...

I prefer the "Get a Trucker to go on a cross-country killing spree" Day, but this one is good too.

Dragon said...

I loved doing this as a kid! If I did it now, won't they think I'm hitting on them (especially if I flash them my boobs)? Just sayin'.