Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May 3 - International Photocopy Your Face Day

Try to find 30 seconds today to sneak over to your nearest office, resource room, Kinko's, or library and plant your grill on the glass. Here are some suggestions you need to think about:

1) If you are at work, make sure the coast is clear. There's nothing quite as embarrassing as getting caught by your boss using company equipment, paper, and electricity to pull off this stunt. It must needs stealthy action.

2) Get a small bottle of glass cleaner solution and a small cloth to wipe away your greasy smudge marks left on the top. This is just courtesy. Since many will be pressing their faces on the same glass, it could get pretty gross, not to mention the smeared distortion on the photocopy. Hey, if I expect a fresh roll of paper for my face on the chiropractor table, I should expect a clean glass to press against for a clean copy.

3) Important: you will want to protect your eyes, as exposure to the light from the photocopy machine may damage your retinas. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6302191.stm Safety suggestion: If you fake-n-bake, or you know someone who does, find and wear those specialty goggles you use in the tanning beds. I don't want you suing me because you burned out your eyes!

4) Finally, find a spot to proudly display your picture. Again, if you do this at work, you may need to observe suggestion #1.


Dragon said...

I haven't photocopied my face yet....other parts of me have been photocopied, but not my face.

But, a good idea is a good idea!

I'm glad I read the whole post. I could have gone blind!

Chelle said...

laughing. i'd be scared. you never know what has been photocopied in the past.

Biff Spiffy said...

Trinamick tried to photocopy her face at high speed. She got your advice too late.


Sparky Duck said...

oh chelle has convinced me not to know. Germs!

Hyperion said...

My face is so ugly it might crack the glass....