Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May 4 - International "Make Out In An Elevator" Day

Have you ever been in an elevator with an attractive stranger or a hot coworker and you just wanted to grab them and kiss them so passionately that they forget their own name? Well today is your lucky day! Its International "Make Out In An Elevator" Day and you are free to explore your naughty side. There is nothing more thrilling than the thought of being caught.

Two rules. First, this is not an excuse to cheat on your significant other. Invite your honey to come play with you during the day. He/she will love it. The other rule is that the object of your affection must be a willing participant. We don't want you getting arrested or slapped.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I couldn't have come to visit my honey at a better time. Thank you Dragon. Meow!

Hyperion said...

I rode up and down in the library elevator for an hour, but no one came on who fit in the exceptions Kaida gave me: male over 85 or female over 100.


jadriana said...

Hmmmmm, so I'm afraid of riding in elevators.... how about I just lurk in the hallway outside and pounce? I WANT MY MAKE OUT TOO. :)