Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15 - International Back-To-School Supplies Day

Run to your local Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Wal-Mart! It's back-to-school supplies shopping day. Some thoughts below:

  • 3-Ring Binders - You gotta get the kind with pockets. Why they make binders without pockets, I'm not sure. But the pockets are good for those lazy kids (like me) who, even when handed a sheet of paper with the 3-holes punched in it, still stuff it in a pocket.
  • Crayons - Get the basic 8. Who needs 16 shades of blue anyway? (If cash is a little low, you can always head over to your local Denny's and request the kids' menu - it comes with three crayons.)
  • "Peachies" - Anybody know if they still make the PeeChee folder? Man, I loved doodling on those folders during class - making the football players scramble for a donut, drawing spikes on the knees of the runners, and making the tennis player fart.
  • Lunchbox - Nothing makes a statement of your individuality quite like the lunchbox. Here is where you can make or break your "cool factor" among your friends. You certainly don't want something lame, but on the other hand, you don't want the same lunch box as 10 other people in school.


Anonymous said...

Uhh a little late aren't we? Most schools are already back in.

Sparky Duck said...

get a plastic lunchbox. When you get smashed over the head, it hurts less, trust me. I have felt the aluminum kind.

koz, northeasters still have 3 weeks of freedom left

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was stuck in regional mode but apparently so is this day.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I miss my Trapper Keeper and Barbie lunchbox.

Great day Xerxes!

Sea Hag said...

Wow, do they even make Trapper Keepers anymore? And was there ever anything better than getting a fresh box of crayons?