Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27 - International Punch A Hussy Fat Day

Studies in parapsychology and quantum mechanics have shown that purposefully using malapropisms and transpositions in everyday language in order to confuse a conversational partner is still as annoying as it ever was. In honor of this time-tested method of pissing people off, spend today coining phrases that, if one letter was changed for every word, would actually mean something.

Like “pinch a hussy fat,” for example, or “pass oft, yon asp.” It’s fun, it makes people mad when they don’t understand you, and you can actually cuss people out right in front of their faces without them knowing about it.


jadriana said...

I am so doing this. My day would not be complete if I did not confuse or piss someone off. =:)

BraniTheBlogger said...

do you mean "punch a pussy cat"?