Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28 - International Put A Face On Your Food Day

International Put A Face On Your Food Day

Remember in elementary school when they had cheeseburger day, and they'd give you a little packet of ketchup to go with it, and (if you weren't one of those little bastards who took the ketchup and stuck them under the bus tires) you would make a little smiley face on the hamburger patty before you put the bun on it? Yeah, good times.

So today, while you're squirting the frosting on your Toaster Strudel, putting the syrup on your pancakes, or making a sandwich, relive your childhood and put a face on your food!

By the way, these pictures are from Sea Hag's kitchen.

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Dragon said...

Neat artwork! Can I come visit your kitchen? I'll make you dinner and I'll put a smiley face on your dessert.