Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29 - International Anything Day

We all have lists of things we want to do, and if you come here, then you REALLY have a list of things to do. But what are you to do if there's something on your list that never makes it into the official lexicon of days, or even International Day?

Today is your answer. It is International ANYTHING Day. This means you are able to 'Insert Your Day Here'...and get away with anything.

Craving Pancakes? Then it can be 'International Pancake Day'.

Want to take your mom to the park? 'International Take Mom to the Park Day'.

Serial Killer? 'International Murder your Neighbor Day'. works for everyone!


Dragon said...

For me, today shall be "International Eat Chocolate Truffles Until You're Sick Day" :)

Hyperion said...

International Blackmail Schrodinger's Kitten into emailing me scantily clad pictures of her and Jessica Alba in a pillow fight Day

International make Nancy Grace strip for a Duke Lacrosse party Day

International Make George Clooney pick a freaking woman (or man) already so we can ruin his relationship with intense media scrutiny Day

International Deez Nutz Day

International Imply your attractive coworker is a Whore Day

International Hide from your attractive coworker while still defiantly yelling out "Whore" every few minutes Day