Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30 - International Bananarama Day

Today we break from our normal boring existence to honor the 189th most successful chart act of all time in the UK: Bananarama.

Besides having the most infectious cool band name of all time (and starting the fashion craze for pantaloon shorts), the band:

  • Single-handedly started "Girl Power." Madonna just copied them; these girls were the real deal.
  • Raised Social consciousness in the '80s with songs like "Robert De Niro is Waiting" (about disillusionment in teen relationships); "Hotline to Heaven" (a powerful anti-drug message when it wasn't "cool" to pass on grass); and of course who could forget that the girls were the only group to appear on the 1984 Band Aid album and the 1989 follow-up Band Aid II. (I know three girls who definitely know it's Christmas.)

When you think of Sara Dallin, Karen Woodward, and yes, even Siobhan Fahey,
you not only think "the best pop band in the last '80s years, you realize they changed the way we live. I for one could never express how horrible my summers were until the 'Rama explained it in "Cruel Summer."

I knew about love in the third degree (well, who didn't), and I had ideas about love in the second. But it was not until those scrappy potassium purties sang about it did I know of "Love in the 1st Degree."

And I knew about Mars. I knew about Mercury. Heck, though I don't wanna pick out china patterns or nothin', I even knew about Uranus. But I didn't know about "Venus" until Bananarama wrote and sang that awesome song.

So today I say we honor Bananarama. If at all possible, adopt one of their fashion-forward trend-setting outfits, like one of these:

Check out their Discography and reminisce, or check out their Wikipedia page and even venture to their official site and try to guess: Wonderbra or surgery? (My bet: positive thinking)

Most of all, watch some of the band's best videos and count yourself lucky to have lived in the time of goddesses. (On mountaintops.)

VENUS (How did they ever come up with this stuff?)

CRUEL SUMMER (You can actually see where Madonna got her clothes)

DO NOT DISTURB (I'm willing to bet money Lady Jane Scarlett will buy those pantaloons, and that Schrodinger's Kitten already has them)

I HEARD A RUMOR (I heard a rumor...that Carmen Miranda was actually in the band!)

And if you're brave, check out their new stuff from 2005. Be prepared: the ladies are now COUGARS!


Anonymous said...


Pre-order Bananarama 'Love Comes' http://tinyurl.com/lovecomes VIDEO:http://bit.ly/99Q2I

Anonymous said...

Well, as amazing as their version of Venus is, they didn't actually write that one. May as well have, though.

They have new stuff coming out in September. it all sounds great so far. Check it out.

Hyperion said...

Who would possibly think they wrote Venus?

[scrolling up]

Oh - I wrote that as a joke. I did not think anyone would take me seriously!

Anonymous said...

They have to be the most underrated group of all time. I love everything they have put out. I really love their new Cd's and they are hot cougers for their age!