Tuesday, August 09, 2011

August 9 - International Speed Bump Appreciation Day

Sure they are annoying, but those speed bumps littered throughout roads and parking lots all over America serve an important, yet forgotten purpose. Most people would assume the existence of speed bumps only helps prevent accidental collisions between cars and cars or cars and pedestrians. While this is true, many people are unaware of the latent launching capability speed bumps possess for passengers riding in the back seats of vehicles or tandem bicycles.

To enjoy a speed bump, timing is everything. You do not need massive amounts of speed to get your back-seat passengers to "touch" the ceiling of your vehicle with their heads. But in some instances, speed bump enjoyment requires a driving environment where local authorities are not present. (See video below).

In some poorer communities, where speed bumps are lacking due to shortages in funding for road improvements, you can still give those riding in the back a good amount of air time by seeking out the local "speed dips". Speed dips work much like speed bumps, only in reverse. True, they tend to be rougher on the vehicle, but the flight generated by coming out of a dip can sometimes be much higher than one generated by the average bump.

Happy bumping (or dipping)!


Sea Hag said...

Where is this place?!?!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

They're great on bicycles too!

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Anonymous said...

Tandem Bicycles - Tandems (Tandeming) is great fun, cant wait to get out on mine again