Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25 - International Red Scare Day

Before we had the Axis of Evil, there were those wacky Communists. Oh, to be back in the days of fallout shelters and diving under school desks at the threat of a nuclear attack! When my parents were young people thought the U.S. would be overrun by the Russians and the Cubans just like Red Dawn. And did that happen? Noooo! I feel cheated! How could all those 80s movies lie to me? My worldview is shattered.

So today, spend some time with your comrades and get your fill of The Red Menace. Quote Yakov Smirnoff liberally. Eat borscht. Watch The Hunt For Red October, Rocky IV, Top Gun, Dr. Strangelove, Spies Like Us, or WarGames. Hide in the bushes and wait for the Soviets to roll through your town. WOLVERINES!!!

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