Saturday, June 04, 2011

June 4 - International Disconnect Day

This is the day you forget me, you forget us.
Leave us and go have a life.
Listen to the birds chirping.
Watch ants at work.
Watch a sunset.
Feel the warmth of the sun of your skin.
Eat slow and chew well.
Enjoy the taste of your food.
Look at the beauty of life.
Leave your PC, connection and modem.
Forget spam and junk mail trouble.
In short,
Have a life, Today.
Come back, Tomorrow.
And tell us how it feels to take a day off blogger.


Tracy Lynn said...

Nice, Fitena, very nice. I'm taking the day off.

kapgar said...

Must... walk... away...

Bogart said...

I'd love to add a comment, but I'm taking the day off....

Dragon said...

but...but...I'd miss you all sooooooo much.....sniff, sniff.

VerconSystems said...

Thats an emachine Comp/... LMFAO

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

there's something about commenting on a day I'm not supposed to be here...something, say...hum...ironic?

ChickyBabe said...


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

What a lovely idea Fitena! Enjoy your 'disconnect' day! :)

Fitèna said...

Folks, sorry for taking my time to co-comment by I was enjoying my Disconnets Days!!!!

Tracy Lynn, thanks and what did you do!?

kapgar :-) good!

lol! Bogart, sure! Now, you can!

Dragon, missed you too!

lol! VerconSystems, funny that!

Schrodinger's Kitten, thats the word! Ironic! I was smiling tying this post thinking No-one is going to comment!

ChickyBabe, good try?! lol! I doubt it et je comprends entièrement!

Thank you, Lady Jane Scarlett, I did! did you?