Monday, August 01, 2011

August 1 - International Magi Day

It's August, the "hottest" month of the year, and we here are International Day wanted to start things off right; and we have with International Magi Day.

What IS I.M.D., you might ask?

As you know, the story of the Wise Men or "Three Kings," would more accurately call them Magi. (Incidentally, no one knows how many there were. The Bible never says three, but that's neither here nor there.)

Anyway, according to the story, when the Magi found out that A) King Herod wanted to kill Lil' Jesus and B) Lil' Jesus was pretty freaking cool. (By the way: "Lil' Jesus" would make a GREAT Hispanic Rap name.)

So these Magi decided to go home another way, to keep Herod off the trail. (Of course Herod outsmarted them in a crafty move by deciding to just kill EVERY boy under 2, but again, that's neither here nor there, unless you were a Jewish Toddler two thousand some odd years ago.)

To this day, whenever we go ANYWHERE and are returning via a different route for some reason I always say, "We're Magi-ing it!" (and perhaps hum "We Three Kings," or at least pull a coin out of someone's ear.) But while that never gets old and you should definitely add it to your repertoire, it's not why I want you to celebrate this holiday.

[We pause now as Hyperion takes a DRAMATIC LEFT TURN]

The point of International Magi Day is to take your partner "home," but do so in an unconventional way. If you don't know what "take your partner home" means, I can't help you. But I will tell you the areas that must be avoided:

Basically, today your job (heck: since it's a holiday; your Celebration!) is to find a different route "home," or to go it like the Magi!

Now, I cannot tell you specifically how to do this (unless you wanted to lend me your partner for a few hours), but I do have some helpful suggestions:

Sensuous Back Rub

Sensuous Tummy Rub

Sensuous Foot Rub Light

Spanking (wait: scratch that one. I'm not sure what you would spank with the ol' backside unavailable)

Nuzzling/Lightly Biting Neck and Earlobes

Read her a "story" (perhaps one you find on
Hyperion After Dark), or just make up one of your own.

I'm sure there are others, which you're more than welcome to share with us in the Comments!

Enjoy this day and remember to feel like Royalty as you take a new road Home.


Anonymous said...

Sounds relaxing and sexy. MMmmm

Bogart said...

Fascinating idea—maybe I should start with the extremities—some cranial sacral therapy, then a foot rub, then and hand massage....who knows where it could lead?

I know where I want it to lead ;)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Not bad!