Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24 - International Fantasy Football Cram Day

All across North America and probably in many spots across the world, the fast approaching (American) Football season is causing grown men and women to act like giddy children on Christmas Eve.

Football means alot of things to a lot of people. Tailgating parties, marching bands, drinking beer at 9 am to get ready for the 4 o'clock game (a Philly Tradition for sure), "Friday Night Lights" and of course the joy that watching a well played football game brings. But for many, it is also the culmination of a long study.

Fantasy Football has swept the nation. It takes a lot of work to find that fourth Wide Receiver who has the best YAC, or that second tight end for your primaries week off. That is where International Fantasy Football Cram Day comes in. You take the day off, get your various magazines and websites arrayed out in front of you and study. The only way to find that backup kicker is of course to take the day off and hunker down with the books of knowledge from The Sporting News.

Plus you don't want this to happen


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