Friday, October 07, 2011

October 7 - International Attack of the soFA LLama Day

Everywhere across this great land people are walking softly today, fearful of what might happen to them in the living room. That's right, friends: it is the short but terrifying season of the soFA LLama.

So please, for the love of alpaca, be very very careful today. You never know when he will strike next.

Hyperion said our first day had to have the word "Fall" in it. He didn't say how. (Respect the loophole.)


Sea Hag said...

your day is sofa king llame.

Hyperion said...

Yeah, well you're e-lame-f, which is is just female backwards!

Oh, snap!

Sea Hag said...

wow, it's like you took my insult and turned it around to insult me, but you just made yourself look even llamer!